Tubonge Na Sanaa

The forum aims to have this as the major look of how do we reach every last person with information and services during this pandemic. This will be done through storytelling, online discussion and experience sharing via audiovisual content and youth lived experiences.

The event will run on the ground and virtually with an aim to reach young people with information and a platform to define the role of visual art in addressing mental health issues. Sinema Kikwetu Filmmakers Agency will spearhead the event with online conversations on twitter and Facebook dubbed #ChekiTubongenaSanaa. Topics related to filmmaking, photography and a call to action on the position of youths on mental health in Africa.

Objective Of These Forums

The objective of these forums is to identify and analyze the different ways of incorporating advocacy and programs awareness through film and photography.

  • Offer a capacity building training forum on filming and photography.
  • Create a platform for film practitioners and other stakeholders to engage in a transformative agenda as per the global call for action on mental health.
  • Network regional film makers to facilitate the reach of good film practicing skills to mashinani.
  • Create a competitive program for young filmmakers to showcase their skills.
  • Empower creative who have been hit hard during this Covid times by offering a financial literacy engagement on how to profitably manage a film production entity.