This year’s plan our team agreed upon having a cycling wellness event with a focus on fitness, adventure and youth role in mental health awareness.

The event comes at a time when the world is faced with a major pandemic, the CORONA Virus, which has not only caused global crisis and deaths, but psychological injuries and turmoil. The pandemic has had its fair share of increasing mental health cases especially among young people.

Through cycling we aim to have this as the major look of how do we reach every last person with information and services during this pandemic. This will be done through online discussion and experience sharing via partner works in the community and youth lived experiences.

The event will run on the ground and virtually with an aim to reach young people with information and a platform to define the role of fitness and technology in addressing mental health issues.

IkOkay Africa and Meru Cycling / Skaters Club will spearhead the event with online conversations on twitter and Facebook on various topics towards the 2nd of April, which will mark the main event day and a call to action on the position of youth on mental health in Africa.

On this event day there will be awarding ceremony with a diverse selections for both the professionals and other members of the public.

  • Group 1: Professional Cyclers
  • Group 2: Family Unit
  • Group 3: Teens/Kids Cyclers
  • Group 4: Zumba Corner

Open to Public: Free Medical Clinic, Live Band Entertainment and Awarding Ceremony.

The suggested start point is Meru National Polytechnic and End Point being at Kinoru Stadium,Meru.

The hashtag #IkOkayMeruCycling is targeted for global reach and not only limited to Meru County.