High School Forums

With the latest rise in cases of drug abuse amongst students and mental related cases due to either peer pressure and family woes, we have brought in a team comprised of teachers, members from youth-led or/and youth focused/serving organizations.

The Forum targets to reach approximately 100,000 teens in highs chools around Kenya with the major focus being around Meru County.

Our focus is on identifying the key priority mental health issues among the teen and provide recommendations to proactively manage these key priority issues.

  • Empower students with increased self-knowledge so that they can identify problems early and access supportive resources
  • To empower the youth through a multi-dimensional approach on mental health service delivery.
  • To consolidate a teen position paper and a Call to Action, during and post the Covid-19 crisis in Africa.
  • To bring together different facets of the community to identify solutions that will address mental health globally for and by young people.

We are currently looking for various stakeholders for partnership and support including but not limited to CSOs, State ministries and the Private sector.