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Growing number of Kenyans affected by mental illness.
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Thursday 12th October 2023 -(Tufunguke session and Tubonge na sanaa) Friday 13 th October 2023 -(Color festival and Edutainmnet)- Purpose to be part of as we focus on creating a good environment for our mental wellness



Acceptance about your mental health begins with you #EVENT DATES-Thursday 12th October 2023 -Tufunguke session and Tubonge na sanaa)Friday 13 th October 2023 -Color festival and Edutainmnet. Venue:JKUAT MAIN CAMPUS,Pavilion.Time 8am-6pm.









Our Projects

2nd April 2022


This year’s plan our team agreed upon having a cycling wellness event with a focus on fitness, adventure and youth role in mental health awareness. The event comes at a time when the world is faced with a major pandemic, the CORONA Virus, which has not only caused global crisis and deaths, but psychological injuries and turmoil.

Tubonge na Sanaa

The forum aims to have this as the major look of how do we reach every last person with information and services during this pandemic. This will be done through storytelling, online discussion and experience sharing via audiovisual content and youth lived experiences. The event will run on the ground and virtually with an aim to reach young people with information and a platform to define the role of visual art in addressing mental health issues.

High School Forums

With the latest rise in cases of drug abuse amongst students and mental related cases due to either peer pressure and family woes, we have brought in a team comprised of teachers, members from youth-led or/and youth focused/serving organizations. The Forum targets to reach approximately 100,000 teens in highs chools around Kenya with the major focus being around Meru County.


To educate, fight causes and change minds about mental health and its impact on families

ikOkay Africa promotes improved mental well being for all individuals and families in the Region through education, support and advocacy.

In pursuit of our Mission, we strive to provide education and opportunities for individuals to identify early warning signs of mental illness and subsequently provide programs and an environment that supports recovery and improves resilience for these individuals.


Like our Mission, our Vision is ambitious. It describes what we believe to be a future we can help create, one which has significant improvements in the state of mental well being for all.

We envision a climate for Mental Well Being in Meru that is a model for the rest of the nation. In this climate we are a community that recognizes mental health as an essential part of overall well being. We understand that mental illness, like physical illness, is a medically treatable condition, it can develop in anyone, it is preventable, and those who experience mental illness can return to good health. As a result, there is no room for stigma in the Country.

Facts And Statistics

One of the biggest challenge is low awareness of mental disorders particularly, the symptoms among the persons suffering from the condition and the community at large. “The rising number of mental health related cases in the country, such as depression, and other mental illnesses, some of which ended up in suicide cases, have been a concern to the Government,” Mutahi said.
The following are some of the most frequent mental illnesses worth mentioning.

Bipolar Disorder

Changes in mood, energy, and activity levels are common in people with bipolar disorder, and they can make day-to-day life difficult.
Bipolar disorder can severely impair a person's life, but the severity of the effects varies from person to person. Many persons with this illness can live a full and productive life with the right care and support.



Depression is now the largest cause of mental illness in the world, accounting for 10% of all cases, and is a substantial contribution to the global disease burden, accounting for 4.3 percent of all cases.
The sickness can affect anyone at any time. It causes emotional suffering and interferes with people's capacity to perform even the most basic daily chores, with often disastrous repercussions for relationships with family and friends, as well as their ability to earn a living.



Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health concerns in Kenya. Fear, dread, or uneasiness are all symptoms of anxiety.
Exhaustion, tension, an elevated heartbeat, and restlessness may be experienced by people who are afflicted. However, for some people, this state of mind is a permanent one, which is not good. Anxiety disorders are diagnosed in such persons.

In Kenya, one out of every ten people is estimated to be suffering from a mental illness. Among patients receiving normal outpatient services, the number rises to one in every four (20-25%) people.

Real Life Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Mental health questions

We all have mental health which is made up of our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Challenges or problems with your mental health can arise from psychological, biological, and social, issues, as well as life events.

It is often more realistic and helpful to find out what helps with the issues you face. Talking, counselling, medication, friendships, exercise, good sleep and nutrition, and meaningful occupation can all help.

If your beliefs , thoughts , feelings or behaviours have a significant impact on your ability to function in what might be considered a normal or ordinary way, it would be important to seek help.

This may depend on your relationship with them. Gently encouraging someone to seek appropriate support would be helpful to start with.

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